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and Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT, RDH, CAMS1, CDVS1

Sometimes it is the quiet times that feel the best. Being accepted by another human without strings or ulterior motives. Allowing reality of existence, no pretending, just the true self. No need for walls or masks. Being myself. My inner beauty shines much brighter than any outer shell we could imagine. Feeling good from the inside. Being real. Showing myself and knowing I will be loved. Quietly authentically me, that feels the best.
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Her spot in this world is now quiet and sad.

Today my heart is heavy and sad. I have been counseling since 1993. My first client was a child and I can remember not only his name, but his face and gentle spirit. My practice is most always 1/3 children.

Today I got word a little spirited talented wonder of a child is no longer with us in this physical world and I realized for the first time how much I do NOT stay emotionally unattached to my child clients.

I am a professional trained counselor and am told to stay distant and apart from clients emotionally. Today, I am very aware of my short comings in this area. Tears keep coming. The world will be colder without her.  She had style.She was an author with imagination. She had an ability to bring joy. My heart always has a special place for each child I see. Her spot, in my heart, is holding a rose with a little plaid ribbon. She will be so missed.
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