TeleCounseling TeleCounseling  -  First Session FREE
Counseling by TeleHealth for your therapy session via your phone or computer. 
I using app if you want to explore to see how it functions.

Here is how to set up a new therapy appointment: Fill out the new client form  HERE

Your first session if free.
It will be through and will be an appointment to trouble shoot internet connection etc.
We will also sign documents at that time letting you know your rights on how records are kept, insurance billing information, fee agreement, office policy etc. 
I will mail the documents to you prior to the session so you can see them before our  first session.
 A self-addressed return envelope will be included for you convenience in returning them to me.
We can review them during your session.
You can sign the documents during our first short session before you return them.

TeleCounseling for You

Because of the spread of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) I am implementing the choice of TeleCounseling instead of face-to-face in office counseling for a while. It is my hope that I can support you, and give you some guidance, regarding these uncertain times.

 I have established the ability to offer sessions via videoconferencing, or  teletherapy. I have installed app. When we are ready to have a session I will send a message either email or text whichever you prefer. The first session is free so we can trouble shoot about connections and fill out forms for your therapy. 

I will be confirming as usual. I am also notifying you of this option with the intention to do my part in protecting your health while responding proportionately to the actual risk. My goal is to reduce the chances of spreading this highly contagious illness.

Copays can be through PayPal or my website. When it comes to therapy, we are fortunate to have the option of switching to voice or video sessions if that's preferable, so that sessions can continue even when it is not advisable to meet in person. If you would prefer video sessions instead of coming in, even if you are not having symptoms, we can absolutely arrange for this. Let me know, so I can support you in any way possible, including answering all the questions you might have about teletherapy.

Link for TeleCounseling

I will send an invitation to you to connect with my "waiting room." This link will show you the website we will be using. 


    Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT  #MFC35807
          PO Box 482
          Live Oak, CA 95953
           Telephone- 916-434-2877       FAX; 530-924-4749
NPI# 1184766982
According to California Law ALL information related to mental health is confidential, including the fact that you even attend counseling. This ensures your privacy. With Telecounseling all notes are kept on my personal confidential computer until I print them at my office and place them in your file folder under lock and key.
My computer, either at home or in office is totally private and confidential. While the Telecounseling is in session, I am the only one on this end and you are the only one on your end, unless you choose otherwise.
Billing information to Insurance Companies, Victim of Crime Board, County Agency, or any other Agency involved in payment of your session fee.
Therapists are mandated by California Law to report to the appropriate authorities any suspicion of the following;
*elder abuse          *child abuse                         *danger to self, others, or property
*inability to care for personal needs (dressing, eating, oriented to time and place)
*entered into a court case.
You may release your own confidential information for certain purposes (e.g., working with a social worker, layer, etc.). This requires your signed permission and a record of released information is kept in your file.
Records May be required for, and/or a therapist may have to testify in criminal or civil proceedings.
Small town concern; Since this is a small town/community and counseling is confidential, it may become awkward if we see each other in town. I will not acknowledge clients outside of the office. This is not meant to be rude or hurtful but rather to protect your privacy. If you say HI I will say HI back. In addition, if you know people who come to the agency for services, please respect their confidentiality and privacy by not discussing the fact they attend with anyone else.

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