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We learn to parent in our family of origin where we grew up. Sometimes we are happy with our childhood and how we were parented and sometimes we hated it. If you were someone who hated your parent’s style of parenting, you may have told yourself you would not “do” that to your children. When the chips are down, if you have not given yourself other options or tools, you will revert to the same methods your parents used. This happens because that is all you know.

This class will offer new effective parenting tools. The tools are nurturing and teach your child instead of punishing. Classes address co-parenting issues. Includes; communication, conflict resolution, rights, control, boundaries, depression, anger expression, parenting tips, parenting styles and more. Certificate upon complete of course is free. 

Sessions are paid in full and in advance. Court reports are a separate fee. You will agree that no court appearance will be asked of this clinician by any entity.


Eight in-office Co-Parenting Sessions
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Ten in-office Co-Parenting Sessions

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Twelve in-office Co-Parenting Sessions
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Fifteen in-office Co-Parenting Sessions
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