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Healing with Self PortraitsIs it so strange to want to chronicle and capture your changing visage through the years in the form of artistically altered photographs? There has been a lot of conversation in recent months surrounding people who obsessively photograph themselves and post those pictures online for all to see, otherwise known as the selfie trend.
What the Dickens?Just wondering what is "dickens?" I use the phrase, "scared the dickens out of me!" So what is the dickens. Is it a good thing, or a bad thing, or just something that leaves with a slump, slump, slump to wait until it is time to return and be scared out of you again? What the dickens is the dickens.
True Love?An exploration of how true love can happen, what does it require and can that happen.
Whiffling Through the Tulgey Wood,Alice seemed confused, as was I, when the Hatter told her she was "much muchier before." What is this "muchness?" Do I have "muchness"? "Muchness" seemed to be a good thing to possess. I wanted this "muchness," whatever it was.
Gramma does DatingIn this age, there are a higher percentage of the population who call themselves (or someone else calls them) seniors.  In this age group, dating can open a new and frightening endeavor.
What is in your basket.his article explores our family of origin and the “stuff” we learned living with that family. We will look at the way our family taught us patterns of being with someone. We will explore how the dynamics of the family in which we grew up affects our current relationships as an adult.

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Roots and Wings: Maximize Your Similarities and Appreciate Your DifferencesWhen we are having a disagreement with our spouse, we may not want to recognize or acknowledge that the very basis for our disagreement is what attracted us to that person in the beginning. I am not talking so much about "opposites attract" as a difference in personality. Perhaps we are forgetting the positive feelings we had for just the personality trait with which we are now upset.
Six for SexThat first glow of “in love” sometimes gets lost in the job of daily living. When children are added, it may seem you then ride the train to nowhere. Your relationship with your spouse gets lost in the muck of breakfast, getting kids dressed and up, off to work and school, back again with homework, soccer, karate, sleepovers, play dates, dinner, laundry, pets, and on and on.
Better Relationship Through Erectile Dysfunction-yep You Read it RightPicture this: soft lights, comfy bed, glass of something tasty, freshly showered bodies, loving couple, and soft music. Yep, we are getting some tonight. But the little man is napping. Now the big man keeps thinking, “Any minute now he will get with the program because I am ready.” Big man’s partner is thinking, “Maybe I need to think of something new to do.”
What is your Love Language??"Of the countless ways we can show love to one another there are five love languages, proved to be universal and comprehensive. Everyone has a love language.We identify primarily with one of the five love languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, or Physical Touch."
Enhance Your Relationship Through Your Five SensesEnjoying the season’s plethora of sensory opportunities with your significant other can be a wonderful relationship enhancement. Slowing down your world to smell the roses together will allow for intimacy. The comfortable weather allows the two of you to have a glass of something tasty on the patio while watching and listening to the surroundings together. Spend time and effort communicating what brings you pleasure.
The Invisible Relationship Hitch or EnrichYou can't touch it, but it affects how you feel. You can't see it, but it's there when you look at yourself in the mirror. You can't hear it, but it's there every time you talk about yourself. What is this important but mysterious thing? 
Infidelity Recovery Tips“Infidelity,” according to Wikipedia, is a breach of faith. It does not depend on the presence of sexual behavior. Fidelity refers to the accuracy and integrity of self-representation, honesty, or candor in an intimate, committed relationship. 
How to talk so they will listen and other communication tools.  Communication in a marriage is the key to relationship success. If we can communicate our needs and feelings and wishes effectively we are on the road to a happy healthy marriage. Our “relationship” can be as a married couple, committed couple, couple of friends, employer or employee, parent or child. Good communication will make your life much easier.

True Love...a Myth? Truth?It could be so wonderful, this rebirth, this rekindling of love and joy.  It could be a new beginning until the end, a true caring and connection like no other.

Infidelity can Improve your RelationshipI would like to be quite clear. Infidelity hurts. Infidelity is destructive. I am not suggesting infidelity. However, when cheating happens in a relationship it does not have to be the end. An infidelity can be a wakeup call that your relationship was not working for one or both of you.

Anger Tips. Articles to Help Your Express your Anger

Anger Tips

Got Angry Kids?Got Angry Kids? Get Help for Healthy Anger Expression for Your Child.
Foods and Mood. How to Eat to Control Your AngerEat to Control Your Anger. Get Your Grocery List Here. Foods and Mood. How to Eat to Control Your Anger
How Food Affects Your MoodHow food affects your mood. Defeating your depression.
How Does Stress Affect Your Brain?How Does Stress Affect Your Brain? from Quality Health
How to talk so they will listen and other communication tools.  Communication in a marriage is the key to relationship success. If we can communicate our needs and feelings and wishes effectively we are on the road to a happy healthy marriage. Our “relationship” can be as a married couple, committed couple, couple of friends, employer or employee, parent or child. Good communication will make your life much easier.

Parenting Tips and Helpful Information

Since I know firsthand how nerve-wracking it is to see your child go “under the knife,” I wanted to write a post to help other parents who are worried about putting their kids through surgery.

When Consequences are Not Enough

Ever wonder why your child continues to misbehave, no matter what you do? You may be skipping some critical steps in parenting. Don’t miss part two of our series on why consequences alone aren’t enough to change your child’s behavior.

Setting Up a Chore Schedule: How I’m Getting My Kids to Do Chores

 I decided it was time to set up a regular chore routine for the entire family, husband included.  I came up with a fun idea to liven it up a bit: I wrote weekly and daily chores on ping pong balls and thought it would be fun to pick from the balls every Sunday evening. At first, the younger boys even fought over who had more ping pong balls. Yes, you heard me. This meant they fought over who had the most chores! They begged to be the one to pick the extra ball the next week!

Telling Without Talking: Exploring Your Child’s Feelings through Their Art.

You might already be aware that art can be a powerful source of therapy. Did you know it can also be a diagnostic tool that gives a trained clinician a plethora of information?

Parenting ODD Children and Teens: How to Make Consequences Work 

Does it ever seem as if you’ve tried every parenting approach out there, only to find that nothing works with your child? Kids who exhibit behaviors of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) can leave you feeling confused, frustrated, angry and disappointed. It often seems like nothing matters to them, which can make it hard for you to know how to respond to their behavior and what consequences to give. Kim Abraham and Marney Studaker-Cordner are child and family therapists who have worked with parents of kids with Oppositional Defiant Disorder for 20 years—and Kim is also the parent of an adult child with ODD. They’re also the creators of The ODD Lifeline, a new program that offers real help and hope to parents of children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
Unmotivated Child?Why is it so hard to motivate kids? As parents, we often have a funny, inaccurate belief that our children won’t care unless we twist their arms. But the simple truth is that your attempts to motivate your child are probably working against you. 
"I'll Do It Later!"Getting kids to do chores is one of the most common arguments families have. Who can’t relate to this picture? You’re yelling, “Why haven’t you cleaned your room yet?” while your child is on the couch watching TV, shouting back, “I’ll do it later!”
Fix for Bad BehaviorMy plan was to end my kids' whining, hitting, and tantrums in seven days. But first I had to change my own actions.
Discipline Young Kids Every time Karen tells her 5-year-old son Jayden it’s time to leave a friend’s house, he explodes, throwing his toys, screaming and kicking her. “It’s gotten to the point that I don’t want to take him anywhere anymore,” she says. For Sarah, the problem is a little different.
Summer Vacation Problems This favorite time of the year for kids is often the most stressful time of the year for parents. Whether your child is oppositional or defiant, you’ve probably learned to dread school breaks.
Prevention of Child Sexual AbuseWhen we see accounts of child molestation on the news, perhaps we feel vulnerable and frightened. Can anything be done to protect our children? We ask ourselves, “How can anyone use a child for sexual gratification?”