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This mural covers one wall-floor to ceiling.
The pool of dark water at the bottom of the picture is actually still wall. You can see the desk on the left.

The look of the tile and pool at the bottom of the picture extends the room and creates an open feeling.



Artist Yvonne Sinclair Artist Yvonne Sinclair

The opening to the beach is actually a door. The scene is painted on wood and inserted into the door frame.

Three walls painted in a very small office space- opening it up.

Artist Yvonne SinclairArtist Yvonne Sinclair 

These two paintings were displayed at the opening of the train museum in Old Sacramento.
They are now owned by my son, who modeled for this first. First is a painting of the Skunk Train in CA

Artist Yvonne Sinclair

Watercolor done for the Quilt Guild Show. The quilt shown is one purchased on Ebay and is a 30's quilt done in Cloth of Gold.
This Painting won FIRST PLACE in the "other" catagory. 

Through the "looking glass" This is a room in a counseling center used for "sand tray world play therapy." The figures, on shelves on the opposite wall, used in the therapy process can be seen in the mirror. Fantasy figures are used in the mural; fairies, gargoyles, a leprechaun smoking his bubble pipe, a prince with his flag rescuing the princess (or is the princess rescuing the prince hmmm?). A frog sits singing on the stone steps leading into the other world through the looking glass.

Artist Yvonne Sinclair  
The last OIL painting, created in about 1982. At this time my art instruction had consisted of
"Mrs Cadwallader's Oil Painting" class at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska.
After this painting I went back to school at American River College in Sacramento.
I took watercolor from Professional Artist Gary Pruner. I loved watercolor and did not ever go back to oil.

Artist Yvonne Sinclair

My favorite style-the WET look. Looks easy is NOT. This is California Poppies-Watercolor WET look by EVaughn.

My first stained glass project, done in four panels as a shutter.

Last stained glass project. I had a hutch built in about 1976 and intended to put stained glass panels in at that time.
In 2006 I completed the project. You wouldn't want to rush this kind of thing.
Every time I would begin to design the doors, I would get stuck on what exactly I wanted. I knew in general but the particulars just got in my way.


Artist Yvonne SinclairJust for FUN stuff

Artist Yvonne Sinclair

Artist Yvonne Sinclair      

This first pencil drawing is 
done on "air".
The paper
must be on a carpet so 
have to use the different
darkness/lightness of the
pencil instead of pressure
to make the contrast.

Second-Watercolor Collage



This Pen and Ink Drawing is done using Dots ONLY

A couple of castles...both on a wall at the end of a hallway. The door to the room, in each case, is on the right.
The castle driveway creates a feeling you don't have to stop.

In this mural you see a Tudor Building to the right. The window to the right looks out onto another Tudor building.
The painting then feels like it is an extension to the actual outdoors.

Artist Yvonne Sinclair

 Watercolor: Melissa on the steps in Greece

My latest Mural -Greg Emerson's Massage Room

Queen Anne Dollhouse

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E.Vaughns Art ShowE.Vaughns Art ShowEVaughn is Yvonne's "brush name." It is the name with which she signs her paintings. Here are watercolors (her favorite), oils, ink drawing, charcoal drawings, and WALL painting. Murals are so much fun. You can paint BIG.
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