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Effective Communication and Fair Fighting           
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Understanding Depression, Get Relief

Have you been feeling sad a lot lately, can’t seem to shake the blues? Do you know someone who has changed in some way, like no energy, lack of concentration, libido decreased? Would you like to feel better? Get relief and understanding in this class. In this class we will explore the faces of depression. How do the mental health professionals determine if we are sad or are experiencing a Major Depressive Disorder episode? AND what do we do then? Are we stuck being sad for life, can we change the way we are feeling? Do we have to take medication to make it all better? What can we do to be the real US again.

Feeling sad, low energy, low libido, irritable can indicate you are experiencing an episode of Major Depressive Disorder. Notice the diagnosis is “disorder” this is not a mental Illness that is untreatable and maintained only with medication. It is a disorder and like physical flu can go away.

In this class we will be discussing Adult Depression. Depression presents itself differently in teens and children. Dysthymia is a depression that is milder than Major Depression and lasts for at least two years. Bipolar Disorder is also a Mood Disorder that usually includes Depression. In this class I want to explore Depression that is not dysthymia or bipolar disorder. This class offers a printable check list to determine if your sad is deep enough to be diagnosed as a Major Depressive Disorder Episode.

Effective Communication and Fair Fighting

Communication can be the most important aspect of any relationshipCommunication is the key to letting others know how we feel and what we need. We communicate in many ways. Our body language and our walk can communicate who we are, how we are feeling, and the condition of our health. Our eyes communicate feelings and opinions. Even sighs and groans communicate. The way we touch, or do not touch, tells others about us. Our words are not the only communication tools we use.

We will address how to learn to use our words in order to communicate in a way others can hear. We will also learn to communicate in a way that will allow us to feel heard. In an assertive way that gets our needs and wishes heard and perhaps met in a healthy way that will enhance your relationship and bring you closer together. Remember, you may agree to disagree, there is no wrong, just right and right. You can experience the same event and have a totally different memory of the event. Not right and wrong but different.

Kids Anger Management with Parents Support Program

Anger Management for Kids with Parental Anger Management Support Program. Completely downloadable program; Parenting around anger made easy.

Parents Anger Management Parenting Video and PDF workbook. Kids Anger Management Video and PDF workbook

Got Angry Kids... help is here. Feel good about your parenting. Have children that express their mad feelings in a way that does not hurt anyone or anything and does not get them into trouble. Bring Peace back into your home.

This is an easy to follow anger management course using definitive step by step instructions. Time tested effective methods for change. You will find parenting tips in the parents video to help with the anger issues in your home.

Authored by Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT, Licensed Marriage Family and Child Counselor in California. Certified Anger Management Specialist with the National Anger Management Association. More than 20 years of experience in teaching and counseling children about anger issues and helping parents with parenting problems.

Create Your Soul Mate with Your Current Partner 

A relationship help class to revitalize your marriage or relationship right into hot monogamy. Find your soul mate in your very own home. This class is designed for a couple to experience together. You will learn effective communication, fair fighting, and how to deepen your emotional intimacy. Your relationship will revitalize into HOT monogamy. Find your soul mate in your very own home with this relationship help course. Get the love you deserve.

If we ignore pleasure, we are not fully developed emotionally. Pleasure is a wonderful ingredient in a healthy relationship. Today we sometimes get the message, “men give pleasure and women receive." Some men don't give themselves permission to receive pleasure. When they do, their relationship deepens and becomes more intimate and solid.

Pleasure makes us whole.

Some relationship help enhancement exercises in this class:

1. Talking, sharing from the heart, and even working through issues together can increase our emotional intimacy.

2. Breathe together: Take time to BE together. Notice each other's breath. Close out the hectic/everyday world and just be with each other.

3. Heart salute: Sharing what pleases you about your partner.

4. Four hour pleasure homework: THE BEST PART.

Let's go see………….

Seven Steps to Keep Your Cool, Anger Management

Anger is a response to what life brings or what happens around us. Everyone has reasons to be angry from time to time. There are many injustices in the world. Sometimes anger is justified. Our angry feelings are a red flag that we perceive an event as not fair or not right. The anger is not what gets us into trouble. What causes problems is a destructive response to our anger. What we do with anger and how we express anger determine if the outcome is positive or negative. The best predictor to a positive outcome is your willingness to take an honest look at the consequences to your anger expression and to examine your process of how you express this negative emotion.

This class will give you tools to express your anger in a healthy manner. Real time tested effective anger management methods to keep your cool. Communicate effectively, stay calm, lower stress, lower anxiety, keep your power feelings, and stay out of trouble.

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