Couples Afternoon Delights Workshop Couples Afternoon Delights Workshop at Lincoln Counseling Center

Enjoy an afternoon of delight with your love.
Acquire the tools that allow the delightfulness to continue and grow.

* Rescue Your Relationship, Simple Steps for Real Changes. 
* Rekindle the desire you felt in the beginning of your relationship.
* Learn effective communication skills, break the cycle of frustration and solve conflict, deepen your intimacy. 
* If you are frustrated, feeling hopeless, lonely, and looking for answers, this workshop will give you solutions,
provide techniques and guidance to revitalize your relationship.  

* Find the love and intimacy for which you are yearning. 

Feel Good-Feel Loved!!

Saturday Afternoon 1-4
Lincoln Counseling Center
898 5th Street, Suite E
Lincoln, California 95648


 Couples Afternoon Delights Workshop
$95  per couple paid at time of application

Next workshop to be announced.
If you are interested in attending an afternoon of delight,
please email that information
and you will be notified of the next scheduled workshop.

Pay online with credit card or paypal 

One day you may wake up and discover your romantic intimate relationship has disappeared. Life has happened, and the relationship has taken a back seat. Romance has faded away. Of course this is not a permanent situation. You have the opportunity to communicate with your partner and spice things up again. Remember, romance is not something you do every couple of weeks or months because you have to. Romance can be a way you show your partner your love. It needs to permeate everything you do.

 It is not as effort intensive as it sounds. Once you get in the mode, romance will come easily for you both. Sometimes being romantic and loving just takes a little token of acknowledgement to your partner. Sometimes it's a little bit more.  

Would it not be wonderful to feel your partner is your “soul mate?” Have you ever experienced a soul mate connection? Do you know anyone who has? Yes, I have. And I believe soul mate connections are not one for a life time. I believe soul mate connections do not just happen. Perhaps soul mate connections (that feeling you are one with another human being) can be created. I believe! Do you want to try? Deepening your relationships emotional intimacy will allow the soul mate connection to appear.

Emotional intimacy, both definition and experience, is the connection with, and the knowledge of, another person at their deepest level. Emotional intimacy can be a most enjoyable experience. Emotional intimacy is being completely open and honest with another human being. It is sharing your authenticity, your hopes and dreams, your inner you. Anyone can create a deep intimate relationship.

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